Sunday, February 21, 2010

who's that lady?????

Last night could not have been any better! It was my last sweetheart dance as a high school student. The night started with everyone coming to my house to get pictures made. Then we all piled into different cars and drove to Cdale to go eat. i rode with jesse in his kick ass mustang. we were jamming out all the way there. we even saw a guy with Ontario plates!!! i was so excited that i rolled down the window and waved at him. only to my surprise that he was an asian wearing a jeff gordon coat! it was the funiest efffing thing i have ever seen.
eating was SO good! i ate until i thought i was going to explode. on the way back we once again, jammed..... i was so excited when we got to the dance. everyone was all dressed up and looked so nice. While i was dancing i thought the bottom of my dress was ripping off. i was so freaked! i grabbed arielle and went to the bathroom. i thought i was going to start crying. then i discovered the bottom of my dress velcroed on! so the bottom half of my purple mermaid dress could come off to create a new mini dress :) so my new mini dress and i danced until i though my feet were going to fall off. and i didnt just dance with a couple of people, i danced with everyone.... it was so fun.
after the dance i came home a changed into some jeans and comfy clothes and i went to go hang out with this guy....... he's not what i thought he was. but i really like him. he's a lot of fun to be around and talk to. i wish we could have hung out all night, but sadly everything must come to an end. except herpes..... that shit doest go away

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