Friday, May 21, 2010

oh shit...

i think it's time to get the fuck out of dodge....
  1. boys here piss me off
  2. girls are fucking crazy!
  3. there is too much drama here
  4. i have enough money from grad to leave
  5. i now have meds that make me all better =)

i dont belong in an armpit place like southern illinois. my dad tried to show me some awesome places in so.ill. a few days ago. and there are some really great and beautiful places here, mostly around the river.

but i still think it's time for me to leave. although i have fantastic friends and a wonderful family, i need to get away and take some time for myself for a while.

maybe i can convince my brother to go with me. i think we both could use to get away from everyone.

1 comment:

Beemo said...

You're so beautiful! ps. I'm getting out of here too..... same story! : ) come visit me sometime.

<3 beemo