Thursday, May 6, 2010

time to nut up or shut up.

So i have decided i have to have the coolest dad in the whole world. sometimes he can come across as pretty harsh and mean to people, but when you get to know him he can be very ginuine and fun.
For the last week i have had a lot of trouble with my back, again. I have been in so much pain that i have to have help getting around. Since my dad also has back trouble he knows how i feel and has been a lot of help to me. He just made me a pb and j sandwich for lunch with a banana on the side and a glass of milk. I almost feel like i'm a little kid again home from school with the flu.
After i ate he came in and sat with me and just talked to me about everything. We talked about music, relationships, how i was dealing with my back pain, and about college this fall.
Now we are watching our favorite movies in the living room. I'm laying on the couch and he is streched out on the big red recliner. He put Zombieland in, which is one of our favorite movies to watch together. It's one of the first times i have laughed in a very long time. After this i think we are going to watch Kill Bill vol. 2 and Avatar. It should be a nice way to spend time with my dad.
Its really nice to know i have someone who cares so much about me. Sometimes i feel like i dont have anyone who gives a crap about me and with so much pain in my life it would almost be easier to end it all. And then i have a day like today with my dad and i know that no matter what i always have my dad there to listen and help me.

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